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All About our Woolpile Draught Excluders

Have you ever wondered how sheep can stand quite happily on a hillside in cold weather, munching on the grass in a field?  Perhaps you are out for a walk with your family.  The sharp breeze coming over the ridge is biting through your clothes, even as you pull your specialist outdoor coat around you.  Yet the sheep in the next field seem to be quite happy and unfazed by the cool air.  Of course, you might say, they have a woolly coat.  True, but then even when you make sure you have outdoor wear on, you may still often...

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First Post

Rubber and Plastics Specialists The UK's top supplier of rubber and plastic sealing products for draught proofing and more! The Hairy Worm is the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality sealing products and engineering components. Set up by rubber and plastics expert, George Culley,  George has over 38 years of experience in selling his draught excluders and extrusions in a variety of materials including rubber, aluminium and plastic. Our core value as a company is to take plain concepts using first class components and turn them into high-quality, long-lasting sealing products.  Looking for a draught excluder or...

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