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Woven Brush Pile Seals

Wool Pile Draught Excluders

Wool pile draught excluders are our specialty at Culley’s Hairy Worm, and they are one of the most adaptable types thanks to their inherently soft texture, and how they can be cut and shaped to suit a wide range of applications.

The secret to engineering a good draught excluder is to come up with a product which can disrupt the airflow anywhere heat is being lost. Our woven woolpile strips are excellent at trapping air, preventing the continuous stream of warm air which leads to heat loss from your property. Have you ever sheltered behind a thick hedgerow on a windy day? Even though there are gaps between the branches – you may even be able to see daylight on the other side – the hedge acts as a damper which takes the energy out of each gust of wind and allows pockets of milder air to form on the warm side of the barrier. Our woolpiles act as architectural and domestic draught excluders in the same way.

Brush pile strips do not seal the gaps around a regular-shaped fixture such as a door or window as thoroughly as rubber strips and extrusions which have been carefully cut to size and fitted; these products may be a better choice for when there is excessive water ingress. However, wool piles are excellent for providing protection along irregular edges, as they are highly flexible without risk of cracking. Just bend the strip into place and cut it to length. Adhesive and non-adhesive types are available. Brush piles are also great for protecting surfaces from scratches and scuffs, and for keeping out dust.

As well as rubber type draught excluders and edging strips, we have wool piles for sale in various lengths and sizes from our shop pages. To buy wool piles online, or if you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for, please contact our team.