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All About our Woolpile Draught Excluders

Have you ever wondered how sheep can stand quite happily on a hillside in cold weather, munching on the grass in a field?  Perhaps you are out for a walk with your family.  The sharp breeze coming over the ridge is biting through your clothes, even as you pull your specialist outdoor coat around you.  Yet the sheep in the next field seem to be quite happy and unfazed by the cool air.  Of course, you might say, they have a woolly coat.  True, but then even when you make sure you have outdoor wear on, you may still often feel the cold.

What is the secret?  The secret is not simply that they have a woollen coat, but how that coat is made up.  The sheep has a wool pile coat.  In other words, the wool is built up on their body differently to the way that fur lies on a cat or a dog.  The wool pile traps pockets of air within it.   Woolpile is an incredibly effective insulation. The pockets of air nearer to the skin of the sheep become warmed up.  The body heat does not travel all the way to the air pockets nearer to the surface, but these act as an insulation barrier for the sheep.  This means that if you were to put your hand into the fleece of a sheep, the outer layers would feel cold but by the time you were partway through the fleece it would feel incredibly warm.  Some shepherds even put their hands into the fleece of their sheep on cold days rather than wearing gloves because it is so warm!

The same science that allows a sheep to stand outside in weather that would send you and I looking for a warm radiator and a hot drink is available for your house.  The Hairy Worm sells wool pile options for door insulation and draft excluders.  These wool piles for sale are the key to maximising the heat retention of your property.  These woolpiles are available as draught excluder strips which can be fitted around almost any type of door.  But why are wool piles more effective than the solid rubber alternatives?  Think about the sheep again.  The sheep’s wool has gaps and pockets of air in it, but this natural form of insulation keeps the warm in and the cold out incredibly effectively.

By fitting woolpile draught excluders around your door, you can enhance your home heating.  You can keep the cold out whilst preventing the loss of heat from inside your home.  The Hairy Worm has a range of options for wool piles online.  They can be ordered in different lengths and sizes.  As well as their excellent insulation properties, the wool pile strips can be cut and altered to suit all dimensions of door.

Why wait?  Use nature’s own insulation technology in your home by ordering the wool piles for sale.  Contact the team at The Hairy Worm for more information.

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