Wool Pile Draught Excluder

Sitting at home, cosy and warm on a cold day. Watching the effects of the wind blowing outside and feeling the happiness from knowing that you are inside on such a day. Whether you have your own property, or you are developing a property for sale or rental, this is a feeling that we can all relate to. Of course, many home elements go into creating that warm and cosy feeling, but one of the most important is also one of the simplest and smallest – the ‘Hairy Worm’ wool pile draught excluder.

It is a simple element, but it contributes so much to the warmth and comfort of a home. No matter how warm and comfortable the home is, having continual draughts entering can leave you with a continual chill. Even in a nicely warm room, the feeling of icy air on your neck or around your feet can be enough to make a lovely room feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Doors are one of the main causes of unwanted draughts. If the seal is not effective, then even a small gap can be enough for a cold breeze to enter the room.

Hairy Worm Wool Pile

The solution are the high quality wool piles which we stock at George Culley, famous for supplying what is often known as the ‘Hairy Worm’. These are door seals that are created for putting around the door edged. The high quality wool piles that we use in our manufacturing processes are superb at creating a simple, effect barrier to cold air. When you fit our door seals, the warmth stays in and the cold stays out!

Each wool pile draught excluder is created using high quality wool fibres which are bound into a line to create one long strip. They are made in a variety of fibre lengths, because not all doors have the same gap. For example, a newer and better fitted door may only have a gap of a few millimetres, whereas an older unit, or one where there has been movement or shrinkage, could have a much larger gap. For this reason, we sell fibre lengths ranging from 4mm through to 20mm.

Wool is the ideal choice for preventing draughts. It has natural insulating qualities – it is these qualities that allow sheep to survive in cold weather out in the open air. By using our well-made, pile door seals, you can enhance the comfort of your home without complicated building work or alterations.

Brush Pile Door Seal

The wool pile door seal is designed to be used on all types of doors. Because of this, we supply it in a variety of lengths, as well as on different backing materials. It is available on a slide-in plastic ridge, suitable for doors with a built in groove for a door seal, as well as with a self-adhesive backing strip for doors with a flat end surface. If you are not sure which you need, speak to our team who can advise you.

We also supply our brush pile door seal in single and multi-pack units. We know that some customers are only looking for units to make a seal around one door, whereas other customers are working on large scale house renovations or housing developments.