Draught Excluders and Extrusions for Domestic and Industrial Applications

We sell a comprehensive selection of high-quality EPDM rubber extrusions, available in a variety of colours, shapes and lengths. With a variety of applications ranging from acting as draught excluders on windows to filling gaps as door seals, our rubber extrusions are great for providing hard-wearing weather stripping around your home or business.

Available to buy by the metre, our great EPDM extrusions will provide you with a comprehensive draught proofing solution, no matter your specific requirements. From domestic appliances to civil engineering applications, our rubber extrusions have been purchased and successfully utilised by customers with differing sealant requirements.!

We encourage you to browse through our extrusions catalogue today and dont hesitate to give us a call to learn more about how our draught proofing products can solve your sealant problems! Safe, effective and low-maintenance, we're confident that our rubber extrusions will provide you with effective solutions, no matter your industry.