Cut Down on Draughts, Noise, Nuisance and your Energy Bills!

Whether you live in a cozy flat or manage a huge retail outlet, chances are good that youre losing money on energy bills due to air leaks around your property and possibly suffering unpleasant draughts, to boot! Weather seals are critical towards filling up the little cracks and gaps amongst all of the movable components of your building, from bedroom windows to garage doors. Our uniquely diverse range of weatherstripping products ranges from straightforward, self adhesive foam strips to tough brush strips that can help you deter pests whilst draught proofing.

In fact, building regulations often stipulate that every exterior door be fitted out with proper weatherstripping to be up to code! So whether you have some old seals that need replacing or need to kit out a new building, get in touch with us for comprehensive advice and guidance.

How do I know if I need weatherstripping at my property?

Have two people stand at opposite sides of a closed door. If one person can shine a flashlight around the door and the other person can see it, this door requires sealing.
Are you able to slide a Pound note between the door and the door jamb? Time to invest in some door weather seals!
If you hold up wet hands around a window casing, it can help you detect draughts a bit more accurately. Is it time to invest in some window sealing?


Whether you require rubber or silicone extruded in a specific shape to suit your precise requirements or simply want to pick up a pre-fabricated item from our eShop, you can rest assured that youll be receiving an incredible durable draught proofing product which is built to withstand harsh termperatures, adverse climates and all the ordinary wear and tear it will be subjected to. So if your property experiences a lot of footfall or youre just considered about the strain your pets or children might inflict upon our weather seals and strips, just give us a call to discuss your needs so we can point you in the direction of the perfect item.

After all, whether your weatherstripping is to be applied amongst window panes or between shower door screens, it needs to provide a perfect, tight seal that simultaneously wont cause you any extra difficulty in managing your windows and doors. If youre on a tight budget and want something thats easy-to-apply, have a look at our closed cell foam strips. If you know you need something a bit tougher and longer-lasting, our silicone or EPDM rubber products may be the way to go. Rubber gaskets are a bit of an improvement on foam seals as they compress to gaps and cracks for a higher-quality seal. We aim to stock a wide selection of sizes, depths, widths and colours for our draught proofing products to reduce wastage and complement your interiors to the best of our abilities

Tips for applying your new weather seals around the house:

Ensure that all surfaces have been cleaned and dried to ensure a high quality seal
Carefully measure the section of your windows and doors that requires weatherstripping to assist you in purchasing the best amount and cutting the strips appropriately
Consider the best thickness for you to choose: it should guarantee a snug fit without disrupting your operation of the windows and doors
Try to apply one continuous strip along each side of the door or window
Ensure that the seals join together snugly at the corners.
Carefully apply your seals and strips for a great finish

So what are you waiting for? Safeguard your home or business from the elements with our superior draught excluders. Keep the rain out and the heat in for lower utility bills, less noise and a more comfortable living environment!