General Rubber and PVC Fabrication

Rubber Moulds

We are able to produce or source any EPDM, silicone, neoprene moulds, ie. sleeves, bellows, key-pads, tubes, sweet and food moulds, grommets, washers, O-rings, balls, pads, cushion devices, feet, eye pads, patterned rings, caps, bungs, rubber to metal parts extruded and cut to size.

Rubber and PVC Mats, Strips, Bars, Pipes, Hoses, Rods, Belts, Layflat and Cut Washers

In all the above materials we have a lot of dies/moulds readily available with no tooling costs. We may be able to adapt/add to some tooling at a modest cost. We are able to price in virtually all rubber and plastic compounds. We offer a cutting or further engineering service if required.

Rubber and Plastic Matting

Plain, patterned, ribbed, fluted in any thickness x width including heavy duty.

PVC or Rubber Dip Mouldings

Gearbox sleeves, gators, feet, correctly shaped electrical socket covers for protection, hand tool handles, grips, covers, sleeves, shrouds, assistance in spray protection and much more in PVC or rubber.

Rubber Strips - Solid Rubber or Cellular (Foamed)

EPDM, neoprene, silicone or nitrile rubber, plain or with adhesive, cut from any thickness x any width.

Custom Rubber Fabrication

We also offer bespoke rubber and PVC fabrication as required. Please send us your drawings for us to provide our quotation.