E Section Draught Excluder

An E Strip Draught Excluder is a popular choice for the bottoms of doors in homes, shops, and commercial buildings.  An easy to apply, fit-and-forget solution already in common use, it is nevertheless important to measure up carefully beforehand to be sure of ordering a rubber E strip which will be right for your needs.

Most seals attach to the edges of solid objects, such as doors, window frames, sheets of plastic or aluminium, or other materials.  The simplest way to attach a rubber seal is to use a pre-shaped strip of rubber which secures itself in place, avoiding the need for adhesive or mechanical fasteners.  The simplest such strips are ‘u'-shaped in cross section, and can be found here.

Because the edges of the objects mentioned above are commonly susceptible to impact damage, by catching on the floor or other obstacles, or hitting people's feet, it's a good idea to use cushioned rubber sealing strips or plastic edges.  Attaching an extra layer for protection gives these strips a profile which looks like the characters ‘E' or ‘e'.  Therefore, we call them E Strips.

Actually made from silicone, our ‘E strip rubber attachments’ or ‘E strip plastic attachments' have both a draught-excluding function and an edge-protecting function for doors and other applications.  When a plastic E strip with the correct dimensions is used, the strip will cling to the edge of the object by means of its own elastic tension.  This really is a simple ‘slide-on, slide-off' solution for a wide range of needs in industrial, commercial and domestic settings.  Once in place, a well fitted E strip will cling there, maintenance free and unnoticed, quietly doing its job.

We are happy for our customers to contact us to discuss products or for fitting guidance.  Please measure up the intended objects carefully before ordering these E strips.