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Like our other draught proofing products, our foam weatherstripping is fabricated for exterior use but can be used indoors as well, for a variety of sealing applications. Our closed cell foam strips have a variety of uses but are primarily utilised for compression sealing. Your foam strip is skinned all round, cuts easily with good scissors and is easy to apply. Of course, they are available in many different shapes and sizes so you can find the right sealing solution for your doors or windows. For a tough and durable draught excluder thats fast to install, a self adhesive foam strip is the obvious choice!

Closed cell foam strips can be used on wardrobe doors both to stop dust and act as a buffer Foam sealant is ideal for boats, roof canopies and hatches Our foam strips are perfect for draught proofing your doors and windows P shape and E shape foam strips are available for use on electrical cabinets D shape foam strips are used for commercial vehicle applications (such as between the cab and bulkhead)

Our foam rubber strips are the perfect sealant in compressed joints and areas in your doors and windows where you need to prevent the entry of air and water.

Self Adhesive Foam Strips

Always a popular choice amongst our customers, these foam strips come with tape which is especially easy to position and easy to apply and offers you fantastic durability and longevity. Self adhesive foam strips are both air and water-tight perfect as sealant and perfect for draught proofing!

If you have specific requirements for the closed cell foam strips you purchase, we are always happy to advise you and provide assistance with your sealant needs. We offer EPDM foam seals, if these would be more suitable draught excluders for your particular situation.

Our foam strips are made from large blocks of expanded closed cell foam: exterior grade and UV stable Available in black with industrial grade aggressive acrylic adhesive tape on one side Sizes range from 10 x 3 mm to 75 x 12 mm Reels of closed cell foam strips are also available in 4.50 or 10 metres