Extrusions Information

Silicone rubber is a hardy material which lends itself especially well to weatherproofing duties, in homes, commercial buildings, vehicles, and many other situations. It is stable in the temperature range from -65 to +200 degrees Celsius and is completely waterproof, so will not be compromised by even the most severe weather conditions. It is also steam, oil, and chemical resistant, and so will protect your property against the effects of industrial environments.

The preferred method of producing shaped silicone rubber sealing and draught excluder products is by extrusion, and at George Culley we have many years' expertise with this process. We can make bespoke extrusions of any size, colour or profile to fit your specifications. This manufacturing procedure involves forcing material through a die, which we make ourselves. By ordering products which are produced as plastic extrusions UK companies are guaranteed results of consistent profile and quality, and can take advantage of the relative simplicity and affordability of this system. 

The silicone rubber material we use to make seals and draught excluders is not only highly workable, but also takes colour pigments well to fit in with the aesthetic of your project. When silicone rubber is forced through one of our shaped dies it takes the cross-sectional shape of the tool and will be highly resistant to damage. These extrusions are then sold by the meter, with prices dependent on the complexity of the shape and thickness of the material. If you can't quite find what you need among our stock rubber extrusions UK customers are welcome to contact our team and specify just what they need, and we will make it for you. 


Rubber extrusions make a reliable and long lasting alternative to brush strips, curtains, and plastic barriers in many cases. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Silicone Specialities

While browsing through different options for your extrusions, you may be interested to learn that silicone rubbers lend themselves to their purpose especially well. They resist heat, cold, steam, oils, chemicals, and adverse conditions. With the ability to conduct electricity and heat, our silicone extrusions are incredibly different from conventional rubber, with an added element of flexibility and longevity that truly cannot be rivalled.
The Perfect Choice

Offering fantastic quality and long-lasting performance capabilities for your draught proofing and general sealing requirements, our silicone extrusions are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Silicone rubber extrusions are utilised across numerous industries, from civil engineering and mass transit uses to pharmaceutical applications. These extrusions withstand temperatures between 200 and -65 degrees Celsius, which makes them especially hardy.
Try Our Silicone Extrusions

Those in the construction, building, and design industries are increasingly seeking silicone extrusions for their incredible properties as sealants and weather-proofing products. We therefore aim to maintain and update our range of stock, finding that our H-sections and P sections are consistently best-sellers. Available by the metre and with thicknesses, widths, and dyes available to your specification, we invite you to try out our silicone extrusions today. You may never go back to EPDM rubber again!