Industrial Components

At The Hairy Worm, we have a good library for sourcing difficult to locate industrial components. We welcome the challenge! You can find some of our most popular industrial products listed below, but if you can't find what you're looking for then don't hesitate to ask a member of our team directly by calling us on 0800 756 3071 or filling in an enquiry form.


Available in any material, cut by laser or water jet or stamped/pressed or cut from extrusion

Phenolic Moulds/Floats

Small moulds for floating in chemical tanks, ie. hydrocarbons, petrol, good floating ability. A good floating material for harsh environments.


Hollow for heat, liquid, fume retention or any size of solid balls in any material.

High Temperature Plugs, Caps and Bungs

Hollow for heat, liquid, fume retention or any size of solid balls in any material.


Extruded and cast/moulded/centrifuged or machined.

Cup Brushes, Brush Rings, Rotary/Cylinder Brushes and Loose Spiral Replacements

Made to your own specification. For cleaning machines/CNC cutting machines, even brushes used on the space shuttle! Most brushes can be made in a realistic lead time of 3-4 weeks and thereafter to your scheduled requirements.

Nylon and Plastic Parts

Washers, nuts, screws, caps, hose clamps, push-in hole fillers and spacers.

O-Rings (fine tolerance), Back Up Rings, Quad Rings and Washers

We are able to source, quickly, virtually any size O-ring in any material, ie. nitrile, neoprene, EPDM, silicone, viton, PTFE coated silicone or kalrez. We have access to over 15,000 moulds (any UK, USA, German, French or Japanese size) for any size of washer, in any material. Fax us details of the O-rings or washers you use. We may save you money!

Washers, Shims for Electrical Use, Spacers and Packers

We are able to source/make virtually any size washer/shim from 0.10mm thick to up to 5 metres in diameter in virtually any material. Facilities to us include laser, water jet, lathe cut and stamping.