Draught Excluders Information

A complete range of draught excluders are available at cost-effective rates from our reputable company. Suitable for doors and windows of all shapes and sizes, our excluders are sure to meet your needs. Advice and guidance is provided on the best way to seal your specific window type. Old Victorian sliding sash timber windows, modern uPVC windows, and aluminium windows are all suitable for our excluders. As well as this, we provide solutions for unusual options. Church doors and aircraft hangers both need draught excluders, and we are happy to help.
Industrial Draught Excluders

Industrial draught excluders are available from our well-stocked team. All types of industrial doors, garage doors, shopfront doors, and aircraft hangar doors are matched. We also sell a range of very high temperature seals for industrial-sized ovens or kilns. Our team always happy to provide advice and guidance. If you’ve got a badly fitted door or window, turn to the experts at Culley's Hairy Worm.
What Are Draught Excluders For?

Draught excluders are not just for draughts, as they provide noise reduction and dust reduction properties as well. They also stop insects and other vermin from entering in gaps through your doors or windows. Tailored to You Some household doors and windows already incorporate a weather strip groove. If that is the case with your own, we need to see samples of your current seals. This helps us obtain the ideal solution for your requirements. If your seals are worn or badly compressed, you can simply take a photo and show this to our team.
Choose Your Draught Excluder

Receive a high-quality draught excluder from our friendly tradesmen. View a sample of our options below
  • Culley's Hairy Worm Brush Pile Draught Excluder
  • Brush Strip Draught Excluders for External Doors
  • Rubber Seals and Draught Excluders
  • Garage Door Seals and Draught Excluders
  • Cellular Foam Strips
  • Milligrot