A Brush Pile Draught Seal, Perfect for your Doors and Windows

We sell a comprehensive selection of high-quality EPDM rubber extrusions, available in a variety of colours, shapes and lengths. With a variety of applications ranging from acting as draught excluders on windows to filling gaps as door seals, our rubber extrusions are great for providing hard-wearing weather stripping around your home or business.

At last, a breakthrough in technical sealing; a British made product that works! This brush pile draught excluder serves a variety of purposes, whether you're interested in wipe sealing or compression sealing. Suitable for any doors or windows, from timber sliding sash windows to applying an extra seal on failed PVCU windows, this versatile draught seal is our most popular product.

With the ability to seal gaps ranging from 2.5 mm to 25 mm, thehairyworm is a top notch draught stopper which also helps with noise reduction and keeping dirt out. Because this draught seals knits side by side, thehairyworm can be fitted in a variety of sizes to fill up a gap of any size. Thehairyworm is also available as a plain product for replacing existing failed sections in aluminium windows and doors.
Made from polypropylene fibres, a woven and extruded product
Extruded adhesive for a top notch sticking ability
Suitable for timber sliding sash windows and PVCU windows
Can be used on the sides and top of a garage door
Can be used in boats (fresh water and marine)
Can be fitted in old cars, caravan, camper vans
Can be fitted in fishing boxes and wardrobes
Can be used in shower doors and sauna cabinets
Can be used in cold smoke sealing to enhance existing fire seals
Can be used in green houses Blocks light (black) for light blinds and doors in photography
There are over 400 000 tiny silicone coated micro fibres bonded to the base
Long life expectancy for our brush pile draught excluder
Full cleaning & fitting instructions provided
Neutral grey or black
Many sizes in stock from 4.00 mm to 20.00 mm

Brush Pile Draught Excluder Specifications

10 sizes available in grey or black Sizes in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20mm All 2 or 3 sizes of coil in 2, 5 or 10 metres. Contact us for availability and pricing if you need the best quality of draught seal that the UK can provide!