T Section Cut to Size

As one of the most common types of rubber extrusions T section sealing strips are a product we handle every day here at Culley's Hairy Worm. Most people have seen T section rubber door seals, as they are a common choice for entrances to commercial and business premises.

A T section product is very adaptable, and this is one of it’s great strengths. The measurements of any of the three component parts of the shape – including the top left strip, top right strip, and the ‘tail' – can be varied almost infinitely. This leads to many different possible shapes, many of which can be seen in the selection below. They can be wide or narrow, tall or flat, made from thick or thin material, longer on one side than on the other – but they are all distinctly ‘T' shaped.

The reason T section rubber is such a useful shape is the same reason T junctions are so effective when driving on the road. One continuous strip, with a second one meeting it at right angles, makes it easy to attach to items like doors, window frames, shutters, and many other small gaps where draught excluder are needed. The ‘tail' of the ‘T' can be fixed in place by an edging strip, in such a way that the rest of the strip fits perfectly into the gap.

Just as with L sections and H sections, T section rubber seals can be made to different thicknesses depending on the application. This makes the rubber T section one of our most adaptable products since it can be used for anything from low profile draught excluders and window seals, to heavy duty door deals designed to disperse water and dust around industrial entranceways.

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