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Long-lasting and durable, our thick, rubber washers are available with and without self adhesive backing to suit a variety of purposes. Whether or not you require our other draught proofing products, our washers are quick and easy to purchase and our prices are always highly competitive.

Rubber washers provide a tight seal around bolts and screws to prevent the entry of water. Additionally, they reduce the noise and vibration of your electrical appliances and conform to irregular shapes much more readily than washers made from other materials.


Choose Neoprene washers for strength and durability

Our round neoprene washers are notoriously long-lasting and provide excellent sealant solutions, whether you require draught excluders or simply to guard against air and water. Neoprene rubber washers are especially popular for those involved in construction and manufacturing, being tougher than plain rubber seals. Our self adhesive washers make application a breeze!

Tough black washers with a long lifespan

One of the UKs leading suppliers of round rubber washers, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our stock and pricing of washers and any other draught proofing products you see on your site.