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1100 mm X 22 mm Brush Strip Draught Excluder

1100 mm X 22 mm Brush Strip Draught Excluder


Please allow for myhermes delivery time, we are unable to send by post at low rates any more since 2.4.13 when the post office changed its rates for parcels.

Premier strip door bottom brush for wide door at 1100 mm maximum width

Gap size 0 – 20 mm

If you need other sizes of brush or other seals, or extrusions
Please ask.

This correctly made brush strip is not an import; this is made in the UK with pride and is used by the door repair industry.

We make a full fill brush with the right components. This is our 4 mm series backing width brush.

Our brushes are made of nylon 6 an important factor we feel.

The carrier is made from architectural aluminium a point worth noting, it makes the carrier stronger, its overall height of the flat part of the h holder is 16 mm, the trim of brush is 22 mm out of the steel backing inside the aluminium on this sizing giving about 20 mm of bristle out of the aluminium holder.

For the technically minded , nylon 6 is a harder wearing material against concrete than polypropylene Nylon 6 has a higher working temperature of about 145 degrees centigrade.

Polypropylene however that a lot of fakes are made from called nylon. Softens at 70 – 80 degrees centigrade. A temperature your garage door reaches when it gets warm in the summer.

Polypropylene bristles then bend and stays bent causing the brush to appear to move away from its opposing surface, I will leave you to decide which is the right choice , I will say chalk and cheese!
(A lot of competitors use this and also partial fill! to make brushes lower in cost for them!)

The brush strip should only be fitted to the outside of an up and over door , as the rear of the door dips slightly upon lifting , if you put a brush or any seal on the bottom ,it will catch and scrape causing the door to judder on opening , a problem if you have motor driven doors.
Also fitting our brush strip on the outside gives a further important benefit; you are not creating a dirt and insect trap in front of the door to blow in when the door is lifted.

This item is suitable for draught proofing , dust sealing , dust sealing , insect sealing , stops flies , stops moths , cock roaches yes they are in the UK, ,aluminium, timber, steel, PVCU, GRP doors,

We have also developed the seal to go up the sides of an up and over door as well look on our shop

Cuts easily with top hardened cutters, or good pincers and junior hacksaw, comes with full fitting instructions, you need to follow the full instructions.

We do not supply screws as we know different surfaces require different fixings and different colours, again we do not drill the product as all the holes will not line up with your door.

Culley’s also stock a large range of other style draught excluders, brush strips & weather strip products and also trade rubber extrusions.

Please enquire for help sealing other styles of windows or doors; we solve 95% of problems with draught invasion! Our product offers money saving where heating takes place.

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