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Aluminium holder, quality exterior grade EPDM rubber strip, 3mm X 6mm X 3000mm.

Aluminium holder, quality exterior grade EPDM rubber strip, 3mm X 6mm X 3000mm.


I can customise any size rubber blades you need please ask if you need a specific size/length.
A bargain now available to the public and also to the trade.
This is for: 3000 mm long (34 mm high aluminium h holder is split in two, rubber provided in one piece) x 150 mm wide x 2.70 - 3.00 mm thick EPDM rubber blade, with dovetail section to keep the EPDM blade held in position
Sold per 3.00 metre lengths!
If ordering one strip the rubber is left in one piece.
Will need crimping in architectural holder.
Industrial grade of good quality exterior EPDM rubber strip.
This quality exterior grade of EPDM is man made in the UK in Lancashire ,added to the rubber is carbon black and other additives, making it ozone and UV proof, so it's no cracking (like neoprene and commercial rubber ,insertion rubber splits and delaminates in time,)also it does not crack or go hard when cold !!! In larger wider sheet sections, EPDM is used for sealing roofs!!

If you want a different size or other width, please contact me.

Draught or dust dirt and air sealing, can be used for repairs in doors, hatches, fascia’s where a waterproof seal is needed, caravans , boats ,camper vans, commercial vehicle body building.

If you require other sizes/shapes or volumes of solid or sponge rubber please enquire, we stock and have various sizes in closed cell rubber sponge and solid rubber in stock. We stock 1500 extrusions.

Access to over 5000 dies in silicone, minimum order quantity if not stock is 25 metres, newly made extrusions in silicone, any die is 2 weeks.

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