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Culley's aluminium brush strip with full fill nylon filaments. 22mm X 914mm X 36".

Culley's aluminium brush strip with full fill nylon filaments. 22mm X 914mm X 36".


This is special size.
We can make any configuration/ sizes up.
1 pieces @ 914 mm long (36 inches or 3 feet 0 inches long in old money).
Overall the size is approx. 36 mm total height.
With size 22 mm out of galvanised backing (just inside aluminium holding brush).
This correctly made brush strip is not an import; this is made in the UK with pride Assembled about 3 miles from Rochdale Football Ground, Spotland in Rochdale.
We make a full fill brush with the right components. This is our 4 mm series backing width brush x 22 mm trim out of steel , inside of aluminium MADE WITH NYLON 6 , the best filament in a brush , and its full filled not partial fill as in a lot of shops.
I've worked with these since 1972 so I have a bit of a clue as to the rubbish on sale.
Our brushes are made of nylon 6 an important factor we feel.
The carrier is made from strong architectural grade Mill aluminium T6 a point worth noting, it makes the carrier stronger, its overall height of the flat part of the h holder is 16 mm, the trim of brush is 22 mm out of the steel backing inside the aluminium on this sizing giving about 20 mm of bristle out of the aluminium holder.
This UK made product is usually used by all good repair industries, we get a few offcuts, if you need a size please ask.
Shipped only by courier to most UK postcodes, excluding Jersey, Guernsey and the Scottish isles, as it costs far more money to ship there.
This item is suitable for draught proofing , dust sealing , dust sealing , insect sealing , stops flies , stops moths , cock roaches yes they are in the uk, aluminium, timber, steel, pvcu, grp doors, wiping fibre down on card reader or similar machines, around atm machines.
Please look on our shop at other seals and rubber parts.
Culley’s also stock a large range of other style draught excluders, brush strips & weather strip products and also trade rubber extrusions.
Please enquire for help sealing other styles of windows or doors; we solve 95% of problems with draught invasion! Our product offers money saving where heating takes place.
Don’t heat the street, save it!!! It’s your money.

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