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The Hairy Worm White Self Adhesive Brush Pile 6.9 mm Base X 15 mm Height

The Hairy Worm White Self Adhesive Brush Pile 6.9 mm Base X 15 mm Height


White Self Adhesive Brush Pile 6.9 mm Base X 15 mm Height


Welcome to the Hairy Worm Self Adhesive Backed Woven Brush Pile Site. FOR SLIDE IN PILE , Please go to our other link ++++++++++++

We sell Hairy Worm in different packs for all sizes and bargain contractor packs to get you under way in a possible new venture , selling quality draught proofing .

When you've used it you will see how good it is at adhesion , please follow the steps , you will then see how well it stops draughts, the hairy worm range invented by George Culley.
You can have faith in this product.

Our stock on these items are all good levels, we stock thousands of metres of these parts, occasionally a particular pack will show none on the shop , it takes not too long to coil more off the bulk bobbins , please send me a message if the size you need is out , all are in stock certainly to middle of May 2018 .

Please follow instruction sheet for best results.

A) if you order a sample pack it is £2.99 when samples are chosen its a little confusing , bottom box may come up 6-15 mm or 6 mm either way, you will get you to purchasing the sample pack of all the stock sizes from 4 - 15 mm, the small pieces are a good peace of mind you are ordering the right size parts and not buying wasted product.

N.B. The Hairy Worm is fully recyclable made in 100% polypropylene

For Samples

A)Just try them in gaps to see if fitting, but not to tight, ideally you are looking B) Any size we sell 1 metre upwards, so everyone can use the hairy worm with no waste.
C) Either 1, 5, 10, or 20 metres of any size.
D) Contractor pack grey.
E) Contractor pack black.
The hairy worm the full range invented by George Culley.
Generally all are packed in 1 or 5 metre packs.
Orders for 10 or 20 metre packs will be supplied in 5 metre packs, it is better for handling the product and gets it to you in perfect condition.
Special note: contractor pack see below, chance to set up doing draught proofing for under £55!! A total of 35 metres of seals to get you going, see at bottom of advert. You can start small in the world of draught proofing, I do want to set up a list of nationwide installers in time for those that do not want to do it themselves! Please let me know if you are interested with the area you cover.
1 and 5 metre packs: has many uses , see below simple easy to do, self adhesive fix used by the industry and oem companies.
Sample pack , or by the metre, or economically by a 5 metre pack, 16 feet 4 " feet or multiple 5 metre packs, i.e. 10 metres or 20 metres.
Woven brush pile weather stripping, this is not an import, this is made in the uk, the range is called thehairyworm.
On the rear is included an industrial grade of aggressive acrylic self-adhesive adhesive that sticks ,(best after 24 hours ) this adhesive is extruded onto the backing under heat and pressure and extruded onto the backing; it is not a low cost double sided tape.
Backing width is 6.70mm.
Supplied in neutral grey, some sizes in black, it is a well-hidden part where applied.
Sizes: if you cannot decide from below or are mixed up with millimetres, to get the right size we do a small sample pack for only £2.99 that includes approx 2 - 3 inches of each size , so you can later order the correct sizes.
Please check sizing carefully.
4 mm will seal gaps 2.50 to 3.50 mm grey 
6 mm will seal gaps 4.50 to 5.70 mm grey & now black sept 2015 
7 mm will seal gaps 5.50 to 6.70 mm black no longer stocked
8 mm will seal gaps 5.50 to 7.50 mm grey
10 mm will seal gaps 6.50 to 9.50 mm grey
12 mm will seal gaps 8.00 to 11.50 mm grey & black
14 mm will seal gaps 9.00 to 13.50 mm grey
15 mm will seal gaps 10.00 to 14.50 mm black
20 mm will seal gaps 15 to 18 mm grey
This product (subject to sizing below will fit down the sides of an up and over garage door) this item is suitable for draught proofing , dust sealing , cold smoke sealing , insect sealing , also stops small flies , acts as a sliding or compression seal in any doors or windows , aluminium, timber ,steel , pvcu, grp windows or doors, good for anti -slamming device on doors, will fit on shop front doors , glass or aluminium , used on sauna doors , shower doors, under tight fitting mudguards , ie crud guards, fishing boxes , kit car doors , caravans , old cars , campers, garage doors, we have developed the seal to go up the sides of an up and over door , electrical cabinets , tool boxes, in any sliding mechanism, electric plug pop ups, etc etc.
4 mm usually using 2 rows approx 15 -20 mm apart or more if space , to fit down the back of timber sliding sash windows to stop draught and reduce rattle.
Fit between wardrobe doors to eradicate dust ingress, kitchen drawers to assist sliding, timber box sliding sash windows, the applications are endless mudguards in particular crud type, fits underneath in small pieces to stop rubbing on tyre.
Cuts easily with scissors, you need to follow the full instructions.
Job opportunity: for existing door hangers, carpenters, builders, door repair, window repair guys.
We now offer for the guy who can fit seals anywhere a chance to be a contractor, setting up for under £60! All 8 grey parts (5 metres of each: 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm).
At an amazing 20% off!
You get all 8 grey sizes to get you started.
This enables you to draught proof just about any door or window, first visit! You will need more stock if it is a larger job , then all you need do as you get orders is top up your existing stock each time you use a size , or stock up on better used sizes, you will be able to draught proof any door or window , we also stock hundreds of other style draught excluders to help you in your new extension to your career!
Culley’s also stock a large range of other style draught excluders, brush strips & weather strip products and also trade extrusions.
Please enquire for help sealing other styles of windows or doors; we solve 95% of problems with draught invasion!

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